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Benefits of having a Premium Domain Name

Premium domain names give business owners the opportunity to build their online brand, and overall, enhance their company’s popularity. Premium domains are names that have been previously registered and are now back on the market and available to the next owner. These specific domain names are often short and simple, straight to the point. 

Due to the popularity of premium domain names, their availability is limited as there is a greater market for premium domains than regular names. The more memorable the domain name, the more it is worth. If your domain name is easy to spell and pronounce, is short and potentially brand able and doesn’t have different variations of spelling then you are looking at a premium domain name. 

Industries that are highly competitive and mainly within the business sector (real estate, banking, lawyers, consultants etc.), will greatly benefit from an exact match domain, they want to brand their product or service through their name, setting them apart from the rest in a crowded market, however, the majority of premium domains have a .com TLD (top level domain) but there are also .net, .org and .biz names that appeal to different businesses and organizations.

Premium domain names will be more expensive than new ones, depending on the name. Marketability, economic trends, traffic and of course spelling are all factors that weigh in on the pricing. Notable or obvious domain names have a stronger branding ability, they are easier to remember and get more traffic, so, in turn, they will be a bit pricier. At the end of the day, depending on the name you choose for your business, it will be worth the investment.

It’s easy, if you want your business recognized, invest in a premium domain name, get one that is short, simple and straight to the point, even better, get an exact match domain name, one that tells your market what you do through your domain name, like paintercapetown.co.za, this is easy, this is basic, this is your brand, this is what you do, how much easier can it get?

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