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Poor Service Delivery

It is really frustrating dealing with other 3rd party service providers in our trade.

No wonder we receive so many complaints about other web design and hosting companies.

No wonder our industry is known for slow turn around times and poor service delivery.

It is really pathetic!

I just had to deal with a new client's current hosting provider, where I had to phone them 3 times, 3 emails, 3 days, no one is coming back to me and every time I phone, nobody in the technical department is available to speak to, after I have to hold on for 5min, listening to.... your call is important to us, a consultant will be with you shortly.

We deal with Hetzner as our Hosting Service Provider. Do me a favor and phone them. Your call is answered within 30sec. and they reply to your requests immediately. Hetzner is not only the Best Hosting Company, but I think the 2nd Best Service Provider in South Africa, as we are of course no.1.

The other day I had to get hold of one of our new client's previous designer. It took me 2 days to get him to send me the details I required, 2 DAYS!

Do these guys not realize that we offer a service in the technology field? A field where everything is about speed, communication and ACTION!

If you are a service provider in the web industry reading this, please do me a favor, ensure that you do not fall in the category of poor service delivery, lack of communication and slow turn around times. Rather be part of the crowd that gets things done.

If you are a potential client, contact us, we will deliver your requirements in a professional timely manner and if you know about other companies in our field that offer poor service, please let us know.