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SEO is like Body Building

Everyday I hear of companies offering quick seo solutions to get your website no.1 on Google.

It's like that magic pill that will make you lose weight in 7 days and will make you look like a body builder with those flat 6 pack abs, all within in 7 days and if you order now, you will even get the shake for free that will make you lose weight while you sleep, without any exercise and you can eat whatever you want, when ever you want. Sounds familiar?

SEO is like body building or losing weight. THERE IS NO QUICK SOLUTION! Well, let me rather rephrase that and say, yes there are those pills, medicines, shakes, call it what you want that will help you lose weight, but it will certainly not help to tone your body and more importantly it will not keep you slim without any side effects.

There is only 1 Way - Put in the hard work.

Exercise regularly, have a healthy eating plan, drink a lot of water, lift some light weights. Thats the only way to get rid of that weight for good and tone that body that will last.

Same with SEO. You can try to apply the quick fix "Black Hat", but it is not the solution. You will not have the long lasting results that you are after.

By building your website with solid "White Hat" SEO techniques you will gain results that last for years to come and the more you apply proper seo, the easier it becomes, easier to maintain and more affordable.

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