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Social Networks

What will we be without all the social networking sites? Bored? Un-creative? Un-entertained? Unimaginative? Each of the networks we belong to, be it for socializing, image sharing, blog posting or for creating a page to brand and market your business, they all have one thing in common … Connecting Socially.

Being social is something we strive to be and what better way to do so then online, creating a profile, entering details about you, loading images and quirky quotes and funny memes, just to entertain your friends and followers. The more friends and followers one has the better. Social networks are not limited to just creating personal profiles for individuals, you can very easily create pages and profiles for your business. Some networks like Google+ and Facebook allows you to create a business page. All though, in some cases it would be best to only focus and register on platforms that mainly focus on business pages and profiles, that way when people are searching on such networks, you will be found for the service and products you provide. But it won’t hurt to expand and go further, don’t limit yourself to business networks like LinkedIn, go further and share images of your work and what you can do, like on Pinterest and Stumble Upon etc etc …

Facebook is the social network that everyone is always talking about, its constantly coming up with new and interesting apps and games, which is entertaining, but they don’t stop there, they are open to anyone, be it news related, organizations for animals and abuse, to the latest in celebrity gossip. They have an abundance of links that you can follow, from the one to the next to the next and so on and so forth.

Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, all these networks have one specific thing in common.. They are all mainly focused on image sharing, building story lines and profiles with images rather than words etc. This is something different, something new and exciting, since a picture says a thousand words, what better way to say something than to share a picture.

When we make use of social networks for marketing purposes, we do so in order to spread the word in a more broader spectrum, we are not limited to just one specific target market, we open up doors to so much more, a much wider client base.